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Plastic Pink

da America

Plastic Pink #173 aka Laguna Pink, Royal Hawaiian (close). RH and PP have always looked slightly different. RH has more yellow and slightly more curl in the petals. Original tree at the Royal Hawaiian. Large round hot pink with a small brilliant yellow center, red reverse. Very shiny and very fragrant, lemon smell. Keeps well. Deep pink with small brilliant yellow center; petal wide, obovate, round tip, moderately overlapping; strong red band on back; fair texture; mild lemon fragrance; keeping quality very good. 3" Hot pink, profuse, with a small yellow center and a citrus fragrance. Medium tree. Medium compact tree, hardy. Intense pink, 3", yellow center, red band on the reverse, petals wide with round tips and overlap slightly, mild lemon fragrance. Upright dense growth habit. Green leaves are oblanceolate with acuminate tips. Tough. Leggy, very long branches. Despite its pedestrian moniker, this is an incredibly bright, almost fluorescent pink with a delightful lemony scent. Not the most reliable bloomer (mine blooms about every other year, regardless the kind of care) -- but when she does decide to burst forth in all her glory, stand back and enjoy the show! Deep fuchsia, silk sheen. The wood is almost black / bronze and very knobby where the old leaf scars are present. Branched can seal over. Prone to black tip. Intense hot pink with a bright intense orange center with a small darker orange vein coming up from the eye. Plastic Pink / Royal Hawaiian usually has a maroon fuzzy inflo stalk. Cold tolerant. Not sensitive to soil compaction. Sets seed.