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Inca Gold JJ

da Asia

Inca Gold JJ Consistent early bloomer, semi-compact to medium growth and flowering habit Aztec Gold could only wish for. Scent: medium floral.
Recommended for the coast. 3” Great scent like Celadine with Jasmine undertone. Can get black tip. Strong floral, perfume scent. Very reliable
bloomer. Scent is soft and sweet and her color is stunning. ½ to 3 ½. Solid yellow. As the plant grows, the blooms get very large. Reliable bloomer
and a strong grower. It's one of the first to bloom each year and it is a solid yellow with a wonderful fragrance. Tends to bloom all at once. Light
green buds. Easy to root. When smaller, has a small white band around the edge. Works better in partial shade in hot areas. The leaves are sunsensitive
and I think that’s why the blooms are completely yellow. Reliable bloomer and a strong grower. Tends to bloom all at once. Whiter in cooler
temps. big inflo, thick texture, bright yellow color, and medium-strong citrus scent and a dependable bloomer. Sets seed.