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Jean Moragne Jr. #161

da America

Jean Moragne Jr. #161 AKA Jeannie, Jeannie Moragne, Thai Matalica (close), Mattalica (close). 4 1/2" red with large yellow center, fruity fragrance. Vibrant red fading to reddish pink with large golden yellow bands and pinkish orange lines radiating toward outer edge; narrow petals with pointed tip slightly overlapped; heavy texture; 4-1/2"; strong fruity, sweet rose scent; keeping quality good. One of the most striking flowers of the Moragnes. It has all the best characteristics for flower judging. Up to 5 1/2” with orange streaking upon opening to slight pink at the edge of the petals. A star shape with mild fragrance. Very large - up to 5 1/2" and appear orange upon opening blending to pink at the edges with very showy red veins. Grainy overlay of red-purple light on the left side of the petal and becomes a dense stripe on the right which forms the apparent shades of red and orange. A breath taking large flower 4" that appears cerise upon opening, fading to paler pink with white curved edges, red eye, deep cerise throat, tight pinwheel shape, heavily overlapped, petals round. Strong sweet fruity rose scent, good texture. Spectacular 5 1⁄2" bright pink star-shape with dark pink streaks radiating from the gold center. Tall vigorous growing tree. Fabulous bright fiesta colors and excellent perfume. Vibrant red fading to reddish pink, large golden yellow bands and pinkish orange lines radiating outward, narrow petals, pointed tips, slight overlapping, heavy texture, 4-1/2", strong fruity sweet fragrance, keeping quality good. Well known variety with large 3.5" to 4.5" flowers. Petals slight overlapping, oval and sharply pointed. Golden-yellow with red to purplish red area and red-orange veining radiating outwards. Buds: dark red. Fragrance: fruity to smooth honey; Elliptical green leaves with red borders with acute tips. Very impressive with strong colors and well shaped flowers. The large flowers, the veining, the rainbow, the was the ONE to get. It is a good one, even if it is grows into a weird shaped tree. Tree branches in unsightly manner. Not vigorous. Recommended for the coast. Root in dry conditions. Rangy growth habit. Elliptical green leaves have red borders with acute tips. Seed parent: Daisy Wilcox. Pollen parent: Scott Pratt. Named in honor of the daughter-in-law of William Moragne, Sr. Powerful red with gold, blooms to 5-1/2", strong sweet scent and possibly the fastest growing plumeria in captivity. Heavy bloomer. Cold Tolerant. Branches are upright and long. Poor branching. Can get rust. Sensitive to soil compaction. Cold tolerant. Can get to 6”. Very hard to grow and very few people have the correct one. 5” that stays in a half open stage simply stunning.