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Kaneohe Sunburst

da America

Kaneohe Sunburst aka Fireworks. #139 Pink with dark red radiating lines, large bright yellow center, strong red narrow band on back, narrow elliptical
petals, pointed tips, slight overlapping, medium texture, 3 to 3½”, mild sweet fragrance, branches are thin, keeping quality fair. 3 1/2" pink with orange
centers, mild fragrance. Deep pink streaked with radiant yellow and red. Nice fragrance. Mild sweet fragrance. Deep pink with large, brilliant yellow
center, dark red radiating lines; petal narrow, elliptical pitch, pointed tip, slightly overlapping, narrow strong red band on back; good texture; keeping
quality fair to good. Branching is dense and upright, however, branches are thin. Reverse cupped flowers, very showy, skinny branches. Recommended for the coast. Medium tree. Tall. Green leaves are oblanceolate with acuminate tips. Thin branches and prone to wilt when it doesn't get enough water.
Long season blooming, big bouquet and big bright pink orange flower. Rose fragrance in cool climates. Distinctive bumpy leaf scars, at least on the mature ones. Pubescent new growth. Leaves long and thin and the plant tall and lanky. Very long bloom season. Not cold tolerant. Can get to 5 1/2”.
Tends to die back to main stem when cuttings are taken. Deep pink seeds. Sets seed