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Kauka Wilder

da America

Kauka Wilder aka Doctor Wilder, Fire Star, not Solar Flare, not Teresa Wilder, Aussie Dreaming, Oz Tequila Sunrise. Possibly a reference to Garrit Wilder, a Hawaiian botanist and hybridizer in the early 1900s. #142 1978 3" pink and orange, grainy and veined with fruity fragrance. An early, easy blooming red streaked with strong yellow, on narrow, pointed petals. Unusually nice spicy fragrance. Strong reddish-yellow with a large bright yellow center, wide moderate red band on back. Petals are narrow and elliptical with pointed tips and slightly overlapping. 3”, strong sweet fragrance. Strong reddish-yellow with large, brilliant yellow center; petal narrow, elliptical, pointed tip, slightly overlapping, wide, moderate red band on back; keeping quality poor.        A glowing star shaped flower, with a combination of yellow and red, giving it the appearance of brilliant orange blossoms, petals narrow, elliptical, pointed tip, slightly overlapping, 3", with strong spicy fruity sweet fragrance. Bright pink 3" star-shaped flowers with a golden orange center that radiates throughout the flower making it look like it is on fire. Medium tall tree. Strong reddish-yellow, large bright yellow center, wide moderate red bandon back, tendency to fade, narrow elliptical petals, pointed tips, slight overlapping, texture 3", strong sweet fragrance. Strong reddish orange blooms with large bright yellow centers and moderate red band on back. Color may fade as blooms mature. Recommended for the coast. Named in honor of Kauka
Wilder, associate botanist at Bishop Museum. Upright and dense growth habit. 3" and a very fiery red/orange with a very fruity fragrance. Intense combination of red and yellow, creating the appearance of a fiery reddish-orange bloom. Petals are narrow and slightly overlapping with pointed tips. 3-4” and have an especially strong, sweet fragrance. One of the easiest to root, blooms profusely. Hard to root, keep a bit dry. Easy to root.      Long straight growth. Later bloomer. And first to stop blooming and lose leaves. Not cold tolerant. Sets seed.