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da America

Nassau Singapore shaped petals, very unusual, Red and yellow, floral scent. Most desirable plumeria for fragrance. Very pretty 3” with a lemony fragrance. Cold sensitive. Sparse bloomer. Outstanding variations of color through the bloom cycle, citrus fragrance. Long pink petals with yellow and orange center, good fragrance and nice texture, white color with pink band on the back of petals? Many shades of colors. Brilliant red with a vibrant golden center. After sitting in direct sun for several days, fades to a beautiful multi-colored pink, purple, white, and a yellow combination. Petals are separated, stand upright with a strong sweet scent, and bloom in large clusters. Excellent keeping quality and production is heavy. Black tips. Late bloomer. Smells like fruitloop cereal. Kind of sweet fruity. She only puts out a couple of blooms at a time; maybe she might be more vigorous in continued heat. Long branches before blooming. Leggy, huge leaves. Good bloomer and brancher. Very fast grower. Fast grower, easy to root, the petals fade like a Monet painting, smells like fruit loops and mine is 8ft tall with 10 branches. Petals get smaller as it gets colder and when it is hot the
petals are dark pink. Easy rooter but it grows like 4 feet before it branches. Long thin branches. Extremely stiff branches.