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Yellow Jack

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Yellow Jack:  Outstanding 3 1/2" yellow with an attractive white edge. Each large inflorescence may contain up to 50 flowers at any given time. A slight gardenia fragrance. The original tree is rather tall with a perfectly symmetrical canopy. A large 3 ½” yellow with wide white margin. Excellent bloomer. Makes a very strong, compact tree, good seed producer. Very sweet delicate fragrance. Very beefy and hardy, large beautiful flowers, strong very unique fragrance. Huge inflorescences.  We have counted over 40 open flowers on a single inflow. Good substantial petals, huge inflorescences where 30 or more flowers are opened at the same time. Yellow Jack has a delicate citrus peach scent and a very good keeping quality. Unusual 6 petal, Vigorous, healthy grower. A beautiful variety from Marathon in the Florida Keys The original plant was cut down to make room for a double wide mobile home. A new specimen is now growing in Homestead at Florida Colors Nursery. A big tree with lots of large inflos. No seed pods.