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Kimo aka Mia from C Stars, OP Gold. Pod Parent: Nebel's Gold. Seedling of ‘Gold’. (Orig 51) Means Jim in Hawaiian. #118 1970 Developed by Ted
Chinn, named after his father. 3" Orange and pink with lemon lime fragrance. Wide, round, highly overlapping petals. Changeable heavy textured 3”,
keeps well. Can be 4”. Slight lemon / lime scent. Strong reddish-yellow with large, brilliant yellow center. The petals are narrow and elliptical with a
pointed tip and slightly overlap. Strong orange-yellow, moderate pink bands on front and back; petal wide, round tip, highly overlapping; wide, moderate
pink band on front and strong pink band on back; keeping quality good. Peach-orange with pink band on the reverse and wide, rounded. 3”, heavy
texture, and a sweet, fruity, fresh ginger fragrance. Medium tall, well branched tree. Salmon-orange, lime fragrance. Can appear yellow in cooler
weather, hot orange in hotter weather. Very rounded petals. Brown spots can appear on the leaves. Branches are thin. Medium compact tree. One of the
most misidentified flowers because it varies from seasonal changes to garden practices and light intensity. As a result of this variation, there are several
names which add confusion to what the real flower is and looks like. Moderate orange, reddish, pinkish flower that changes color day to day. The slightly
aromatic spicy petals are fully rounded and slightly overlapping. Balanced branching habit and prunes back nicely. Sun loving. Unique scent. One of a
kind citrus scent. Fertilizer does a number to the color. Feed well and will bloom well. Orange color when the heat is on. Less susceptible to rust. Apricot
with strong pink band on the reverse showing on the front and on the back, rounded petals, overlapping petals, 3", sweet and fruity fragrance. Compact
and upright growth habit. Light green leaves are oblanceolate with acuminate tips. Lei quality over 12 days. Changeable color over life of flower. Ginger
fragrance. Leaves are modest size and grow upright with good branching. Bloom production is average but it's a good bloomer once roots are
established. 3”, heavy texture, good keeping quality and a sweet, fruity fragrance. Branches are on the moderate/thinner side. Hard to root. Pretty
average growth habit, maybe lanky. Few blooms on thin scrawny branches but she puts out blooms every year. Good scent - a combination of floral and
fruity. Varies greatly with sun exposure and perhaps the heat that comes along with mid-summer sun. Can attract white fly. Cuttings tend to shrivel. 2/3
of the tips usually bloom. In cooler weather, it has a softer color and the scent is slightly less spicy/peppery and more floral. Color varies by sun
exposure from orange-yellow, yellow-orange and orange with purplish hues. Sets seed.