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Abigail #346

da America

Abigail not Thai Abigail. #346 FCN named for Luc's granddaughter. Seedling of Maui Beauty. Light pink, outer edge fading to predominantly white, yellow center. Wide highly overlapping petals, with rounded tips 2 1/2". Slightly upturned inner edges. Medium pink stripes fading to white on the reverse. Keeping quality is average with an average tendency to fade. Very compact growth habit and excellent branching habit. Elliptic leaves are matte medium green with green leaf borders with acute tips. Known to set many seeds pods. 3" pink and white with yellow center, seedling of Maui Beauty. A well overlapped light pink with a good yellow center. Dark pink on the reverse side. Nice compact grower and early bloomer. A nice sweet fragrance. Recommended - Abigail is perfect. Everything about this cultivar displays the qualities of perfect breeding. The beautiful flowers are large with very round and deeply overlapping petals. The petal ends roll back gently so that every flower looks like a pincushion. Massive heads the size of a soccer ball with between 65 -80 flowers. The flowers are packed perfectly with no open spaces between flowers. Excellent perfume. Beautiful soft pink and white pastel colors are soft but strong. The tree itself is very robust and well shaped with compact growth habit. Excellent for patio plant and growing in containers. Produces numerous seedpods. Every spring you will be greeted with inflos. Very nice overlap with wide round petals. The shape and gold throat makes me think of 'Bleeding Heart'. Very beautiful variety. Reliable bloomer and good branching. Consistent early bloomer. Can bloom on new tips. Blooms white in cool weather. Can go several years blooming on the same tip without branching. Sets seed.