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da America

 Salsa aka Rose Red Mexico . 2" dark pink with very contrasting small yellow center. A very pleasant cinnamon fragrance. A nice tall and upright tree. Unusual pale grayish pink with dark colored eye. 2.5" across and a sultry, dark pink. A dependable bloomer and a fast grower. A very nice little Plumeria from Mexico. Very good street liner potential. Pinkish rose red with distinct yellow eye. It has a mild peach fragrance. Blooms every year and has a slight sweet fragrance, this is a fast grower and reliable bloomer. This is the one i use in my Leis. Tall, blooms all the time, medium sweet fragrance and blooms all year but not big bloom heads just consistent flowers. Reliable bloomer, slight sweet scent and another strong grower, don't plant this one in the ground unless you want a monster. Sets seed.