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Scott Pratt

da America

Scott Pratt #093 aka Kohala, Koloa Red, Black Jack (seedling of SP), probably aka Kauai Beauty. Guatemala. First plumeria registered. Scott Pratt managed the Kohala Sugar plantation on the island of Hawaii and that the plant may have been taken to Kauai. Blood Deep red with black-red radiating from center and a spicy fragrance that increases after picking. One of the best reds, earliest and easiest to bloom. Dark leaves, dark velvety red flowers, 2 1/2" that have fine purple-black veins radiating from the center and a reddish-brown band on the reverse. A very long blooming variety. Slight spicy or coconut scent increases after picking. Easy to grow. Hard to root. Easy to root. Very difficult to root. Strong red with small, strong red center and fine black radiating lines; petal narrow, elliptical, round tip, moderately overlapping; moderate reddish-brown band on back. Small to medium tree with dark red-green leaves. Pollen parent of the famous Moragne hybrids. Medium Dark burgundy with black veins. Very dark green leaves with red veins. Medium compact tree. Prone to black tip. Flower production is fair to moderate during spring and summer. It is usually among the first to bloom, often producing flowers before the leaves. Undersides of the leaves have dark red/maroon veins. Recommended for the coast. Much wider than tall. The leaves have a bronze cast and they grow upward. The plant itself is a horizontal grower. Wide sweeping branch habit. Didn't find it to be a horizontal grower, Scott Pratt was one of the tallest plumerias I had, reaching over 7 feet. Scott Pratt is a dark red with rounded petals. Hilo Beauty is another dark
red but the petals are more pointed. Heavy substance, 3”, excellent keeping quality and a delicious sweet fragrance reminiscent of coconut oil. Leaves are dark and a tint, almost olive green color with a very dark reddish brown tinted underside. Dark purple-red new leaves that are held upright. Scott Pratt has much darker, vertical leaves than Hilo Beauty. Hilo Beauty will lay more flat and don't have as much of the cooper color in them. Scott Pratt has a light scent almost sweet. Hilo Beauty has a deep dark almost musky scent to it. When I take a whiff of Hilo Beauty I think of dark oak aged red wine. Bloom head is sparser than HB. SP has rounded edged blooms and the multiple veins through the petal. Hilo beauty has one darker vein in each petal. Scott Pratt has a very dark green leaf with red veins on the back side. Both flowers are pretty much the same. Scott Pratt flower is much smaller than Hilo Beauty. Irma B seems to branch and bloom more frequently than my Scott Pratt. Hilo B seems less cold tolerant than I.B. and S.P. Sets seed. Seedpods are rarely seen on it.