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Cancun Pink

da America

Cancun Pink AKA Playful, Mexican Pink, Peggy Higdon, Higdon Pink, Peggy's Pink, Annabell, Brownsville Pink, possibly Poipu Pink. From C-Stars. 3"
pink and yellow, nice sweet cinnamon fragrance. A rather tall, spreading tree. Nice looking pink, 3” with very pleasant citrus fragrance. Very strong
grower and gets tall. The blooms become the size of your hand and bloom all season. For a while, C-Stars Wholesale Nursery in Southern California, a major distributor of plumerias to commercial businesses and nurseries, sold 'Cancun Pink' under the name 'Playful' but has since changed the name.
Flowers easily, but poor keeping quality. Sweet fragrance and 3 1/2”. Mild sweet fragrance. Leaf tips are pointed. Delicate texture. Pink fades to white in a couple of days. Light sweet baby powder scent. Easy to root. Bubble gum scent. Fruity fragrance. Grows long branches, but blooms on almost every tip. Fairly fast grower in the ground, cold tolerant. Seedlings are good grafting stock. As each pedicle grows it grows another layer, developing penducle gets an average of 10 flowers on that layer, there are about 10 layers on each arm, and each inflo has about 8 arms... prob. more than 4000. Cancun Pink was a cutting purchased many years ago at a flea market near Miami. Its origin was in Mexico and it was imported by a dealer in Alamos, Texas. Carol and Luc had recently traveled to the Yucatan and we named it Cancun Pink (may be another CP lurking here ...dd). The other cutting gave us yellow flowers, we named it Cozumel Yellow. Both are good performers under our Florida conditions. Some days it has a strong scent, other days it doesn't. Almost spicy (at times) baby powder scent. Can bloom on new tips. Sets seed.