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Elizabeth Thornton

da America

 Elizabeth Thornton #264 rare white veining. Bright orange, pink, and red. The growth is superior and a pez candy fragrance. 4" red with complex fruity carnation fragrance. Showy "Las Vegas" colors of deep orange, red, and pink with white veining. Superior growth habit. Unusual strong grape (Pez Candy) fruity carnation fragrance. All time favorite. Red blooms, elliptical slightly overlapped wide rounded petals 4". Upturned inner edges and a moderate orange center. Dark pink and whitish veins on the front and back of petals. Moderate red band blending to light pink on reverse. Keeping quality is average with a slight tendency to fade. Medium to lanky grower. Branching is average, good keeping quality. Broad oblanceolate green leaves have acute tips and red edges. Seed parent: Jeannie Moragne. Pollen Parent: Dean Conklin. Named by JL in honor of Elizabeth Thornton, founder of the PSA. Not Cold Tolerant. Late bloomer. Smells like Pez. Light reddish blooms 4". Petals are slightly overlapped with upturned inner edges. Pink veins into an orange center. Nice carnation-like fragrance. 4-5 inches across, Stunning deep Pink color with deep white veining and distinct star shaped petals. A Dark Orange Throat and slight twist to each petal. No, not the most cooperative to root, but thick branching, nice size flower clusters and a fragrance of sweet Pezz Candy AKA Sweet Tarts. She also has excellent keeping qualities! Sets seed.