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Duvauchelle aka Duvauchelle Red, Duvauchelle Special. Duvachelle was named after an Alice Duvachelle in Kauai. Originated on the island of Kauai and is named for Alice Kealaula Duvauchelle of Koloa Kauai. It was brought to Oahu by Gloria Schmidt. Rich colored 3” velvet red with pointed petals that slightly overlap. Slight sweet fragrance with a fair to good keeping quality. The foliage is a deep reddish green color. The tree is rarely found on any of the islands and was once was thought to be extinct. Extremely slow growing. Very beautiful foliage. Roots well. Velvety red with the same color front and back. It prefers partial sun (as most reds) and does very well in the Houston area when one doesn't feed too much nitrogen. I don't find it more difficult to root than any of the reds. Very slender branches. The cuttings root fairly easily, but they all have that slender almost lanky growth habit.