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Pu'u Kahea #144

da America

Pu’u Kahea #144 AKA O'Sullivan, Fiesta, Rainbow Spider,Rainbow Surprise. Parentage: P. rubra X P. rubra forma acutifolia. 4" yellow with red bands, mild fragrance. Brilliant yellow with a strong red band on both front and back of petals. Fragrance is tangy lemon with age. Brilliant yellow with a deep reddish edge, lemon fragrance, good keeping quality. Largest flowers, to 4”. Blooms are brilliant yellow with strong red bands, petal long, narrow, pointed tip, slightly overlapping, narrow strong red bands on front and back, 4 ½”, mild lemon fragrance. Keeping quality good. A very showy flower. Light citrus fragrance with good texture. No or very little scent: Medium tree. Luminous 4.5” brilliant yellow with strong wine, almost deep pink, colored bands on both the front and the back, with a mild lemon fragrance. The growth habit is more upright and seems to have branch divisions of three. Wonderful landscape plant due to its conformity. Elongated petals with primarily yellow, some white and a pink stripe along one edge of the petal. Medium tree. Largest individual flowers, first to emerge from dormancy. Can really take the heat and intense sun. Very large rainbow with thick branching. Beautiful bright yellow star shape with a strong red band. Tall grower. Medium tree. Very rich colors, a spicy scent and big bloom heads. It has proven to be a fast grower producing tall trees with thick branches, very sturdy and good for windy areas. Gets powdery mildew. Can get black tip, doesn't like temperature changes. Doesn’t like when it’s in full sun and temps over 90 lots of burned buds. Faint scent, running the gamut from herbal to
sweet. Colors can't be beat and the blooms last a very long time on the inflo and off, with thick petals and little fade. Good rooters but seem to be slow bloomers. Sets seed.