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Confetti AKA Barbados Showgirl, Columbian Flame, not Aussie Confetti. Simply gorgeous with intense colors. Medium growth. 3” and nice fragrance. Medium large tree. Watermelon color. Nice looking yellow and pink. 3” with an exquisite fragrance. Excellent keeping quality. Grows upright with medium wood. Sets seed. Mother plant in Homestead was cut down. Colors wash out during rainy or cloudy spells. Goes from having bright neon to muted pastels depending on the conditions. I agree that Barbados Showgirl is a dead ringer. Medium grower, somewhat slender branches. She has a Medium Growth Habit. Her Flowers are 3-3.5 inches across with excellent Keeping Qualities with a Pleasant Medium to Strong, Sweet Floral Fragrance. About a Medium on the Rooting Scale with Decent Branch Thickness. Sets seed.