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India #154

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India #154 3 1/2 to 4" strongly textured, rounded, soft yellow grainy orange with heavy veining. A knockout in white, pink red and yellow petals. Yellow to red center. Nice frangipani nutmeg fragrance. heavily overlapped wide petals, curving inward. Considered an orange variety with reddish brown veins, moderate pink bands on front and back. Good keeping quality. Soft yellow and orange with pink edges. 3 ½". A very tall grower. Very large heavy textured rounded flower with a strong scent. Nice frangipani fragrance. Large leaves with red veins. Growth habit is fast and large. Big, bold and beautiful. Strong fragrance. Can be quite orange at times, and leaves are very large in comparison to 3.5" - 4" flowers. Strongly textured, soft, yelloworange
petals with a heavy vein appearance. Lightly aromatic rose. Nice textured, rounded, soft peachy orange grainy flower with heavy veins, pale pink band on the back. Most of the time it blooms orange with red veins but I've seen it bloom almost a fluorescent yellow with red veins and hot pink with the red veins. Huge leaves. The original Sally Moragne and India plants were mixed up, so any Sally Moragnes coming out of Darwin are actually India plants. In WA the plants sold as Peachy King are actually India; they do not follow the registered naming practices. Benara, the nursery that sells India as Peachy King, have nursery locations in other states, and Indonesia, so the naming issue from this side could be Australia wide. Indian Ivory white with extensive yellow center, recurved softly. Given to JL on a trip to Asia along with Bali Palace over 15 years ago. It is an early and long lasting 4-5” flower. The inflorescence is very large and has a strong Butterscotch fragrance. Huge leaves. Creamy white flower, yellow throat, 3" round petals with pointed tips, light fragrant. Reliable bloomer.