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Charlotte Ebert #127

da America

Charlotte Ebert not Thai Charlotte Ebert. #127 aka Giant Plastic Pink. Formerly J.L. Giant Pink. 4" Hot pink, wide petals, coconut jasmine fragrance with a hint of almond. Very large soft pastel pink with very large flower heads. Gardenia scent, Soft pink, 5". Golden eye. Wide petals are much overlapped. One of the most popular among collectors and named for a Hawaiian benefactor of native ancestry. 4-5" soft pastel pink, probably the largest Hawaiian flower. The petals slightly curve back. Sweet rose / Gardenia / coconut jasmine fragrance. Darker pink upon opening then aging to a lighter pink. All shades appear in the cluster at the same time. Sweet, very enchanting fragrance. Most desirable plumeria for fragrance. Recommended for the coast. Semi-tall tree with an open canopy. 4'' solid rich dense pink with deeply overlapping petals. Nonstop all season bloomer with a great sweet scent. Huge bloom with a powerful excellent fragrance that can be smelled at a distance. Keeping quality is average with a slight tendency to fade. Tall upright grower. Branching is average. Oblanceolate green leaves have acuminate tips. Medium-tall. Beautiful bloomer and fragrant, but lanky in Arizona. Charlotte is a much larger (5") and hotter pink bloom, fat petals with wide overlap, and Polynesian Sunset is more orange. Both are lanky growers. Relatively thin branches. It grows lanky and the branches bend. Not cold tolerant. Rather weak stems so support your plant. Sets seed. Charm 3.5” dark red center, with white petals that have a pinkish glow to them. Slightly overlapping twisted petals with pointed tips that curl backwards. A strong frangipani scent. Good keeping quality and unusual coloration