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California Sally #207

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California Sally #207 aka Belle Vista, Jameson's and Bud's Sally. 5-5 1/2" pink rainbow with spicy fragrance with onion undertones. Huge 5" pink in a large and long lasting inflorescence. Golden yellow centers. The pink fades to white giving a lighter effect. Recommended and prolific. Light creamy pink, large golden yellow center, moderate pink band on front outer edge, dark pink band on back outer edge, tendency to fade very high, long oval petals up turned inner edge, rounded tips, slight overlapping, 5 to 5-1/2", strong mellow spicy fragrance, keeping quality very good. Pretty sweet fragrance; nice substantial flower. Strong limbs and branches well. 3” Pink and yellow in large clusters cover this medium tree. California Sally was registered in 1999. Bud obtained this cutting in 1970. Named after his daughter, that was studying in Hawaii and would send him cuttings to sell so she could pay for college. This variety could have been around since 1968. During that time, it was commonly called Bud's Sally in California and then when it spread to other states, it was called Bud's California Sally. It was registered later as California Sally. During that early period it was also sold as Bellevista and some knew it as Jameson's. Everybody that got it under those names shared it with those names and may not realize they have a California Sally. This
sweet-smelling beauty has beautiful pink petals which seem to be dusted with gold. A very fragrant blossom that reaches 6-1/2". Thick branching. Modest Variation in color over life of flower. Slow root development. Big and beautiful but she smells like onion or when one forgets deodorant. She is farthest from my house. I have seen folks pick these flowers and scrunch their nose on first sniff. It's a big tree and branches go 2 feet before blooming and rebranching. Horizontal branching. Always take large cuttings. Easy/fast rooter, thick branching, fast grower, generous bloomer, hearty. 1/3 of the tips usually bloom. Smells like salsa. Can get to 6”. Poor branching. Sets seed.