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Hilo Beauty #132

da America

 Hilo Beauty aka Dakota's Curling Red, Burgundy Special, Black Red, Aussie Black Red, Red Esther, Esther's Red, Hi-Lo Beauty, probably Black Garnet, probably Dark Knight, Marie's Black Red, Madagascar Burgundy. Seems to be more than one HB. #132 Excellent deep glossy Velvety Red with a long lasting extra spicy fragrance. One of the longest lasting. Trees have tight branching. Not an easy cutting to root. Easy to root. Strong red with large, strong red center; petal wide, elliptical, round tip, slightly overlapping, moderate reddish-brown bands on front and back; heavy texture; scent slight spicy becoming stronger on storage. One dark line per petal and not many veins. Very dark new tip growth. Strong all red windmill with pointed tips. Good citrus spicy fragrance with a good keeping quality. Medium well branched tree with reddish green colored leaves. Strong maroon red, same center, dark reddish-brown bands on front and back, tendency to fade very slight, wide elliptical petals, rounded tips, slight overlapping, 3 ó to 4". Very dark maroon with good texture. Elliptical petals with slightly pointed tips. Strong spicy, citrus fragrance. Tall upright grower. Dies back to main branch when trimmed. Depending on the time of day and sky conditions the colors will change to a more bright red from the blood red color normally seen. Smells like cinnamon and the flowers fade to almost white with a burgundy center. Largest of the strong red plumerias. A large burgundy red with a fine scent. Deep,blood-red with pretty leaves that contain reddish veination. Dark, almost black center veining. Fast growing tree with spicy fragrance. Dark Reddishmaroon with a good texture, pointed tips with one black vein in each petals, A upright grower with dark green leaves and blood red petals with black edges. The fragrance is floral. Dark velvety red, star-shape with wide, elliptical petals that slightly overlap. The reddish-brown to purplish bands on front and back create a very dark red or maroon appearance. Keeping quality is excellent, one of the best! 3-1/2 to 4” with a spicy fragrance that increases after picking. Petals look like red velvet. Black line through the middle of each petal - it is straight and not generated by heat, but a normal marking. Petals are pointed. Scott Pratt is darker. Hilo has larger cluster. Scott Pratt is a much smaller flower with thicker texture. The petals are rounded and almost waxy in texture. The most noticeable difference between SP and HB is that the leaves on the Scott Pratt stay up right and not drop down to the sides, all the leaves point towards the sky. The leaves on Scott Pratt also have a very red underside with heavy veining of red. The leaves have a blue green look. HB can grow purple leaves. Should be grafted. One of the nicest reds, deep rich color. Very difficult to root from cuttings, takes 3-6 months to produce really good roots. Stingy bloomer, needs heat to bloom. Lots of cuttings are sold as Hilo but are much lighter red. Cut branches will die back to the trunk. The flowers on Hilo Beauty are much bigger and have a better keeping quality. The flowers on Scott Pratt are 2 1/2 to 3”. Those on Hilo Beauty are 3 1/2 to 4”. Can be difficult to root. Leaf backside has dark vein, but inter leaf veins are green. Note the black line through the middle of each petal this is the best way to identify Hilo Beauty. HB vs. Rare HB: they are different. Rare Hilo Beauty is darker. Hilo Beauty - The leaves are upright and the inflo is buried in the leaves. Rare HB - It has darker flowers and the inflo stands above the leaves. With fall weather the flowers petals curl and show the black back of the petals for a nice effect. Sets seed.