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Waimea Similar to Leona Hoke, they are different, but the flower is almost the same. The growing habit is different and the scent is different. Waimeas seems to bloom longer. Intensely red-pink with orange centers. Stunning beauty, center is a beautiful peachy-orange, the rim of the outer petals have a reddish-purple outline. The petals are rounded and overlapping. 3" with great texture. Sweet fragrance and average growth habit. Exciting discovery in Hawaii by Jim Little's son, Clark. The most beautiful bloom I’ve seen or smelled, slow to root. Very elegant warm flower with very nice fragrance. Outstanding hues as flowers lighten. Recommended for fragrance. Growing habit like that of the Aztec Gold, meaning huge branches, huge leaves and huge bloom heads! Blooms are thick with great keeping quality. Root beer /spice fragrance. Rose fragrance. Very tall grower, big leaves and the flowers are very consistent when it comes to keeping their color in spite of direct Florida sun light. The scent is like no other plumeria i have and very spicy perfume. 3-3.5”, tall. Easy to root. Water lover. Generous bloomer. Very distinctive scent. Peachy/orange color. Her outer petals have slight lavender/purple hues. She has a mild sweet floral fragrance. Petals are rounded and overlapping. 3” with decent thickness/texture and medium keeping qualities. When she's happy her flowers are showy. Average growth habit. Not difficult to root with medium thick branching. Waimea is far more arching than Aztec Gold! Great Bloom heads, large intensely colored red-pink flowers with orange centers that are stunningly beautiful. The rim of the outer petals has a reddish-purple outline. The petals are rounded and overlapping. 3" with great velvety texture. It has a sweet and spicy fragrance like no other plumeria! Very elegant warm feeling flower. Growth characteristics can be challenging as this variety likes to crawl and not grow straight! They will bend and curve like crazy, however once the Waimea has been established for several years it will more upright. Roots really well. The leaves average 10" or smaller. It takes a lot of support, but ultimately after about 5 feet tall it starts to grow more upright. Sets seed.