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Bali Palace

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Bali Palace aka Lueang Gandjana or Lueang Sangeam. A solid gold-yellow that resembles Heidi but with more of a buttercup size and shape. Good keeping qualities. Striking plumeria, 2" golden yellow on both front and back sides and heavy textured twisted tips, fragrance is sweet and mild. Discovered by Jim Little in Bali Indonesia. Golden yellow with unusual petals. Pale yellow with cream colored edges. Each petal is shaped as a wide
oval coming to a fine point, giving a "pagoda" appearance to the flowers. The texture is delicate, 3" and sweet very lemony citrus fragrance. Beautiful inward curving flowers and a spicy citrus fragrance. Prolific bloomer with heavy overlapping petals and excellent keeping quality. With more sun and heat the petals are more twisted and some blooms don't open all the way. Sweet and spicy citrus scent with overtones of peach and vanilla. Lovely 3.5" with incredible sweet scent. Great keeping quality and heavy substance. BP is said to be one of the parents of the gorgeous varieties "Dane" and "Golden Pagoda". Heavy golden-yellow on both sides with a pagoda top to its heavy textured petals, sweet medium fragrance, 2”, large cluster. All petals are oval and heavy overlapping. White on back, having a tendency to curve inwards from the rim, forming a buttercup size and shape. Mild and sweet fragrance. Large clusters are pendulous. Stay 3/4 closed. Needs heat for petal edges to roll. Much better the older it gets, otherwise drops blooms before opening. Drops buds. In heat kicks up the yellow hue and starts to curl in wards. Very good bloomer and easy rooter. Sets seed.