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Key West Red

da America

Key West Red aka Cranberry Red? 2" red, well overlapped with a strong frangipani fragrance. A low growing plant making a nice symmetrical specimen. Deep Red with a nice cinnamon fragrance and the inflo becomes pendant. 3-4" with a very sweet fragrance. Very good keeping quality. Dark red is
found all over Key West, Fl Keys. It is very fragrant and tough like most Fla cultivars. Easy to root for a red and is subject to very little black tip. Prone to rotting. Massive inflorescences measuring over one foot wide. The large bloom stalks often weigh it down so much that it's common to find the flowers arching up toward the sunlight. 2”-3” vivid dark red with slightly twisting, slightly overlapping petals pointed at the tip. Throat is dark reddish-black. Spicy fragrance and good keeping quality. Medium tree. Leaves are velvety green with a red edge. Luc located this low growing red Plumeria in a front yard in Key West, Florida.